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Picture Phones

Picture phones allow the user to use the phone by just touching a picture button instead of actually dialing several numbers.  These phones facilitate people with low vision or have trouble with numers or with dialing a regular phone.  Some models are also amplified phones for those who may be hard of hearing.  Browse our selection of photo phones for the one that best suits your needs.

Image Name Price  
Cordless Picture Phone Bundle Cordless Picture Phone Bundle
This cordless picture phone bundle seems to have it all and makes phone use simple, easy and convenient.  It is an amplified phone, speaker phone with…
Photo Amplified Phone- Outgoing Speech Amplified Photo Amplified Phone- Outgoing Speech Amplified
This picture phone amplifies outgoing voice and can make a weak voice sound sharper. Can also amplify incoming sound. Has 9 easy to use photo-memory button…
Amplified Spirit Picture Phone w/ Full Duplex Speakerphone Amplified Spirit Picture Phone w/ Full Duplex Speakerphone
This amplified phone by Clearsounds is also a picture phone, and a speakerphone. It features  8 one-touch photo memory dial buttons, easy to read keys…
Corded Picture Phone Corded Picture Phone
A simple picture phone that is easy to use, with user friendly features to appreciate.  You can place up to 10 images for easy dialing.  Features…
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