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Phones for Disabled

A phone for disabled can help those living with a disability to stay connected. We offer different phones for handicap ranging from phone for the deaf, the visually impaired, and others. Take a look at our selection below for the device that best suits your needs.

Image Name Price  
Braille Phone-Amplified-Clarity Braille Phone-Amplified-Clarity
This Braille Phone by Clarity has jumbo keys with braille characters and voice that repeats each number as it is dialed. It is hearing aid compatible an…
Braille Big Button Speakerphone Braille Big Button Speakerphone
This Braille phone is a speakerphone with big buttons and braille augmented keypad. It has 13 number memory, 3 emergency one-touch. It is also referred to …
Braille Speakerphone-Big Button Braille Speakerphone-Big Button
 This Braille Phone is a speakerphone with braille augmented keypad. It is hearing aid compatible, has 13 number memory (3 one-touch emergency) Othe…
Voice Activated Phone, Amplified Phone Voice Activated Phone, Amplified Phone
A voice activated phone that allows you to answer incoming calls remotely by just saying "hello" without touching the phone. This model is also a…
VCO Phone, Amplified VCO Phone, Amplified
This is a VOC (voice carry over) phone for the deaf and hard of hearing people who want to use their voice to talk on the phone. The handset automatically …
Fortissimo Remote Controlled Speaker Phone Fortissimo Remote Controlled Speaker Phone
The Fortissimo phone is is an extra loud  speakerphone with digital answering machine that can be controlled remotely.  It is great for people wi…
Fortissimo Extra Handset Fortissimo Extra Handset
   The extra handset for the fortissimo phone is also a speaker phone.  It amplifies incoming sound and also amplifies outgoing speech for o…
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