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Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold

Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold

Price : $59.95

Item # : AW-H769501050
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Product Information

Pocket Folding Reacher, easy to use item reacher.  Take it along with you, extends to 22 inches and folds to 12.5 inches.  Pull it, store it, quick and simple.

Provides a tight grip on even the smallest items. This reacher tool can pick up small flat items such as dimes or bulky items such as newspapers, clothing or cans. A magnet on the tip helps pick up small steel parts and a short post at the end can be used as a dressing aid. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hand.

Matey® Pocket-Fold - 22" (56 cm) long, folded length is 12 1/2" (32 cm),

The maximum grip opening is 2 1/2¨ (6.4 cm). The handle has a hole for hanging. Made of aluminum and plastic.

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