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Portable Bathtub

Portable Bathtub

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Price : $439.99

Item # : EZ-B1000
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Product Information

This Portable Bathtub allows you to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving your bed.

patients can enjoy bathing the way it's meant to be - soaking wet!  a person simply rolls onto the vinyl tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wet-dry vacuum. The reinforced tub with its new streamlined design is longer and deeper. Tub inflates to
  (inside dimensions) 71" long  x 31" with (19" middle) x 13.5" deep  (accommodate individuals up to 6' 2.").

This protable bathtub fits all beds. The hand-held shower can connect to a tap, hose is 25 feet with shower head, wet & dry vacum. Comes complete with inflatable pillow.

The drain hose (leading to bathtub, sink or toilet) can be turned off for a long soak or left on for constant draining, allowing a shower. The drain hose and vacuum, both included, empty the tub thoroughly.

Compared to the comfort and convenience of EZ-BATHE, nothing else holds water!

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