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Personal Care

Personal Care products facilitate personal hygiene functions.  They are used as elderly care producst or products for dissabled people.  They provide support to caregivers and those who care for elderly in the home.

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Portable Bathtub Portable Bathtub
This Portable Bathtub allows you to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving your bed. patients can enjoy bathing the way it's meant to be - soaking wet…
Hair Wash Trays Hair Wash Trays
These Hair Wash Trays can be used with a chair or wheelchair. Make hair washing easy and are offered a great price. Our exceptionally easy-to-use EZ-SHAMP…
Hair Wash Sink-Portable Hair Wash Sink-Portable
Hair Wash Sink makes hair washing simple, fast and comfortable. The unique EZ-SHAMPOO inflatable basin fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for p…
EZ-Shower EZ-Shower
EZ-SHOWER, the streamlined way to extend a refreshing shampoo to individuals in bed. EZ-SHOWER hangs on a bedpost or I.V. pole holding two and a half gallo…
Self Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid Self Wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid
A comfortable and easy to use hygiene aid to help people who have difficulty bending or limited use of their hands and arms to function independently when …
Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid
The Reach Extender Hip Kit Deluxe includes an assortment of items that make reaching easier. Kit includes dressing aid,  bathing aid and more.  I…
Self Wipe - Toilet Paper Aid Self Wipe - Toilet Paper Aid
This self wipe aid and toilet paper aid design ensures personal hygiene for people who find reaching difficult. The long reach comfort wipe ergonomic …
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