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Extra Loud Phone Ringer

Extra Loud Phone Ringer

Price : $49.95

Item # : TD-CLARITY-SR-200
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Product Information

This Extra Loud Phone Ringer has an adjustable ringer to let you when the phone is ringing, and a bright red visual ring flasher (visually notifies you of an incoming call)

Other Features

- super phone ringer
- Adjustable super loud ringer (95+dB) notifies you when your phone is ringing
- Never miss another call
- A Bright red visual ring flasher (visually notifies you to an incoming call)
- Offers adjustable ring volume control
- An Adjustable ring tone control (250 to1200 Hz) lets you control the tone level to best suit your hearing
- Provides a Choice of four distinct ring patterns to suit your preference
- Convenient Dual modular phone jacks facilitate easy connection to a standard analog telephone
- AC powered with rechargeable battery backup (the 4 AA nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries are not included)
- Color- White

A very effective hearing impaired telephone device

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