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Shake Awake Vibrating Clock

Shake Awake Vibrating Clock

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Product Information

The Shake Awake Vibrating Clock by Clarity is an alarm clock designed for anybody who has trouble waking up when the alarm rings. Extra-heavy sleepers, the Deaf, people with mild to severe hearing loss included.


Other Features

- A Super bright 1.8" clock display

- The Loud buzzer has adjustable volume and tone control to suit preference and hearing.

- Includes a strong bedshaker that wakens even the deepest of sleepers.

- It also flashes a connected lamp to awaken you.

- A security timer allows you to pre-set the connected lamp to turn on at random while you're away, providing added security.

- Has an auto snooze feature to suit your lifestyle

- A Visual alarm flasher

- The Snooze button also allows you to conveniently turn the connected lamp on or off

- A Backup battery will keep the time in case of power outage (does not come with 9V battery)

- Large control buttons for convenient easy access

- The Audio alarm is 85+dB for this vibrating clock

- Color - Black

Also serves as a great vibrating travel clock

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