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Handicap Devices

Handicap Devices that can make daily living a little easier.  The assistive devices for handicapped range from item reachers to transfer boards, pivoting seat disk and other tools.  All at great prices.

Image Name Price  
Vee Zee Reacher Vee Zee Reacher
The Vee Zee Reacher is a folding reacher designed for people with severe arthritis, spinal injuries, wrist deformities or minimally functional trunk muscul…
Hair Wash Trays Hair Wash Trays
These Hair Wash Trays can be used with a chair or wheelchair. Make hair washing easy and are offered a great price. Our exceptionally easy-to-use EZ-SHAMP…
Plastic Transfer Board Plastic Transfer Board
This Plastic Transfer Board can be used as a commode transfer board, bed to wheelchair board or for other surfaces.  It is portable and easy to use. …
Self Wipe - Toilet Paper Aid Self Wipe - Toilet Paper Aid
This self wipe aid and toilet paper aid design ensures personal hygiene for people who find reaching difficult. The long reach comfort wipe ergonomic …
Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety
A Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety that can make the transfer process easier and safer.  It's easy to carry along when traveling. It can also heip red…
Rear Anti-Tipper Rear Anti-Tipper
This Rear Anti-Tipper can help improve wheelchair safety.  It's an easy-to-mount device that prevents a wheelchair from tipping backwards. Attache…
Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board-30 Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board-30
The Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board can also be used as a commode transfer board and for transfers to and from other surfaces. Measures 8"W x 30"…
Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold
Pocket Folding Reacher, easy to use item reacher.  Take it along with you, extends to 22 inches and folds to 12.5 inches.  Pull it, store it, qui…
Braille Big Button Speakerphone Braille Big Button Speakerphone
This Braille phone is a speakerphone with big buttons and braille augmented keypad. It has 13 number memory, 3 emergency one-touch. It is also referred to …
Pivot Transfer Disk for Handicapped-13 Pivot Transfer Disk for Handicapped-13
The pivot transfer disk is designed for assisted or unassisted transfers by individuals with limited or no ability to pivot.  Individuals with upper b…
Bowling Ramp Bowling Ramp
The Bowling Ramp Handicap device is offered at an excellent price. Lightweight, easy to carry and assemble. The ramp is placed in front of a lane and l…
Wheelchair Workout Exerciser- 2 Pack Wheelchair Workout Exerciser- 2 Pack
The Wheelchair Workout Excerciser accessory attaches to any wheelchair and chair to provide a cardio and upper-body workout from a seated position. Tone yo…
Bowling Ball Pusher Bowling Ball Pusher
This Bowling Ball Pushser is also a handicap device.  Offered at a great price. Four-pronged steel and aluminum guide rests gently on the alley floor…
Portable Bathtub Portable Bathtub
This Portable Bathtub allows you to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving your bed. patients can enjoy bathing the way it's meant to be - soaking wet…
Reclining Bath Tub Lift Reclining Bath Tub Lift
This bath tub lift is portable and excellent for deeper model tubs. Padded seat and backrest provide added comfort.  The back easily folds down for s…
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