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Handicapped exercise equipment and exercise equipment for the elderly to suit various needs.  These facilitate elderly exercises and others. You'll find hand wrist exercise gear, tools for hand therapy exercises and more.  Please click on the links or images below for more details on the various handicapped fitness equipment and elderly exercise devices.

Image Name Price  
Adjustable Wrist Weights Adjustable Wrist Weights
This Wrist Exercise Equipment is a 4 lbs one size fits all wrist weights.  It permits full wrist flexion and extension as well as radial and ulnar dev…
Exercise Peddler Exercise Peddler
This Exercise Peddler comes assembled, has an easy electronic display  and is foldable. Ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising.  Can be used for…
Exercise Peddler W/Handle Exercise Peddler W/Handle
This Exercise Peddler with handle Stimulates circulation, ideal for toning leg muscles.  The handle provides added stability while using Peddler and h…
Exercise Pulley System Exercise Pulley System
This exercise pulley system features Over-door basic traction hardware with 2 metal pulleys and 2 hand grips.  the pulley exercises allow upper body e…
Hand Exercise Ball- Porcupine Hand Exercise Ball- Porcupine
You Get 2 Porcupine Balls For hand and finger exercises and grip improvement  size  3 1/10" Diameter and 3 1/2" Diameter. This hand exe…
Hand Gym Hand Gym
The hand gym facilitates hand therapy exercises, hand strengthening exercises and arthritis exercises for joint pain. It's a hand exercise thereapy too…
Wheelchair Workout Exerciser- 2 Pack Wheelchair Workout Exerciser- 2 Pack
The Wheelchair Workout Excerciser accessory attaches to any wheelchair and chair to provide a cardio and upper-body workout from a seated position. Tone yo…
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