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Emergency Response Phone

Emergency Response Phone

Price : $186.95

Item # : TD-GM-AMPLI600
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Product Information

This emergency response phone by Geemarc is also a speakerphone with caller ID and many emergency features and is easy to install. features Waterproof wrist-watch style (with included neck lanyard) remote control transmitter. This emergency  telephone can help to reduce the anxiety of those living alone...

Other Features:

- Geemarc emergency response telephone
- Caller ID
- Speakerphone
- In the event of an emergency, a transmitter (worn by the owner on the wrist or around the neck) makes the phone autodial up to 6 preprogrammed numbers
- If there is no answer for 30 seconds, the next number is dialed
- When the phone reaches a live person, they dial a number to confirm that the prerecorded emergency message has been received. They then are transferred to speakerphone to communicate with the other user
- 50+ dB amplification makes it easy to hear callers
- Easy to install and use
- Waterproof battery-powered transmitter remote
- Allows you to remain independent
- Reduces the anxiety of those living alone
- Provides added security without monthly security monitoring fees

Additional Information:

In an emergency just a single push on either of the 2 remotes supplied (watch or pendant) will set off the automatic dialing in sequence of up to 6 preprogrammed numbers – until a reply is reached! An emergency message that has been prerecorded for/by you will play. The telephone will enter speakerphone mode so there is no need for the caller to try and reach for the handset. MORE than a telephone, MORE than a Panic button- an emergency response system with many features. Check-up function. If no one picks up the CL600, enter your PIN nnumber and it will automatically pick up, switching to speakerphone.


Adjustable receiving volume control : up to 28dB
Adjustable receiving tone control +/- 10dB
Outgoing speech amplification :+/- 4dB
Extra amplification on handset +12dB
3 emergency memories
6 direct memories
Hands free, speaker phone
Big button keypad with backlight
Phone book : 90 numbers
Last number redial
Time break recall (100ms/300ms/600ms)
Automatic hang up function

Large alphanumeric display with backlight
Call timer
Navigational menu
Date and time stamp
Red light indicating new call

Caller identification and call waiting
Name & phone number display
99 incoming calls: names and numbers
30 outgoing calls: names and numbers

2 remote emergency transmitters included
20-30m range
Auto dials up to 6 emergency numbers in sequence
Calls can be answered using the remote emergency button
Emergency outgoing message can be prerecorded by user

Extra bright visual ring indicator
Ringer level Hi / Low / Off
4 different rings

Wall mountable
Dialing FV/DC
Size :20 x 10 x 21 cm
4 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Supplied with an adaptor plug

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