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Standing Lift, Devices

Several Standing Lift items to choose from.  We offer lift assist cushions that are portable, a lift commode to facilitate using the toilet and other convenient devices. Take a look at our selection for the sit to stand lift device that best suits your needs.

Image Name Price  
Power Lift Commode Power Lift Commode
A self-powered, lifting seat commode that helps users gently seat and raise themselves. Provides safer, controlled support and lifts up to 70% of a user…
Upeasy- Portable, Seat Assist Upeasy- Portable, Seat Assist
The Upeasy seat assist is portable and can be used for armchair or Sofa.  Take it along with you to help you get up from a seating position. Upeasy c…
Uplift Seat Assist- 230- Portable Uplift Seat Assist- 230- Portable
The Uplift Seat Assist- 230 is a non-electric lifting seat designed to ease you into your seat and also help you get up gently and safely. As you begin to …
Uplift Seat Assist- 300- Portable Uplift Seat Assist- 300- Portable
The Uplift Seat Assist-300 does not require electricity, take it with you everywhere you go. this model has a weight capacity for people of 195-350lb. …
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