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Independent Living Products

Many independent living products to help seniors who live alone.  These range from long handle devices for hard to reach items, to easy to use door handles, to blood presure monotors and others. Take a look at our selection for products that will best suit your needs.

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Emergency Connect Speakerphone Emergency Connect Speakerphone
The Emergency Connect Speakerphone replaces the Pendant Dialer Phone Emergency.  This new model has a large backlit display, a pendant that can be wor…
Folding Reacher-26 Folding Reacher-26
A foldable long Handle reacher (26 inch) for people with difficulty bending or limited range of motion.  Only 7 ounces of pressure required at trigger…
Hand Reacher- 32 inches Hand Reacher- 32 inches
This Hand Reacher -32 inch features a lightweight aluminum frame and helps to eliminate bending and stretching.  Only 7 oz of presure required at trig…
Handicap Door Levers Handicap Door Levers
You get 4 Handicap door levers that work as well as more expensive doorknob levers and easier to install. Designed for left or right hand use. 5"…
Handicap Grab Bars-Angled-PT Handicap Grab Bars-Angled-PT
Handicap Grab Bars- Angled are also widely used by elderly individuals and those who need support. An exceptionally solid rail that provides support in ar…
Multi Opener and Built Up Handle -Set of 4 Multi Opener and Built Up Handle -Set of 4
You get a built-up handle set of 4 and a multi opener and that provides the leverage needed to open most packaged food items. The easy grip built-up handle…
Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid
The Reach Extender Hip Kit Deluxe includes an assortment of items that make reaching easier. Kit includes dressing aid,  bathing aid and more.  I…
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