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Item reachers come in different sizes and styles.  A folding reacher may extend by several inches and is great for traveling, a long handle reacher may range from 20 to 30 inches and usually does not fold.  Some of these Item reachers have a magnetic jaw tip that can pick up small items such needles or nails.  These various reacher grabbers can bring objects to you with minimum effort.

Image Name Price  
Matey Bantam Reaching Aid- 26 1/2 Matey Bantam Reaching Aid- 26 1/2
This reaching aid is Ideal for people with limited range of motion or difficulty bending.  This handi reacher provides a tight grip on even the smalle…
Hand Reacher- 32 inches Hand Reacher- 32 inches
This Hand Reacher -32 inch features a lightweight aluminum frame and helps to eliminate bending and stretching.  Only 7 oz of presure required at trig…
Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold Folding Reacher-Pocket Fold
Pocket Folding Reacher, easy to use item reacher.  Take it along with you, extends to 22 inches and folds to 12.5 inches.  Pull it, store it, qui…
Folding Reacher-26 Folding Reacher-26
A foldable long Handle reacher (26 inch) for people with difficulty bending or limited range of motion.  Only 7 ounces of pressure required at trigger…
Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid Reach Extender Hip Kit/ Dressing Aid
The Reach Extender Hip Kit Deluxe includes an assortment of items that make reaching easier. Kit includes dressing aid,  bathing aid and more.  I…
Strong Reacher Grabber Strong Reacher Grabber
This strong reacher grabber is 32"L and Lifts up to 5 lbs. It has an Ergonomic handle and trigger and durable, non-slip gripping surface. Other Fea…
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