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Handicap Door Levers

Handicap Door Levers

Price : $56.90

Item # : AW-F754161002-F754161002
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Product Information

You get 4 Handicap door levers that work as well as more expensive doorknob levers and easier to install. Designed for left or right hand use.

5" (12.7 cm) extension handle converts a doorknob into a door lever providing extra leverage for people with limited hand function. The Extender fits over a standard doorknob and allows complete access to keyholes. A cord or string can be inserted through the unique handle slot, making doorknobs easier to access for people with limited reach. 

This doorknob extender can be installed using only a screwdriver - no special tools required. Easy to clean.

You get 4 doorknob extenders ( 2 packs of 2).

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