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Caregiver Supplies

Caregiver supplies and equipment help both the caregiver and their patient with daily living tasks. We have various tools and to help care providers provide this valuable service of caring for a patient whether it is an elderly person or someone with a disability.  Take a look at our selection for the best tools that will meet your needs.

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Bath Transfer Bench Commode Bath Transfer Bench Commode
This bath bench combines a transfer bench and commode into one product. Features: Comfortable cushioned seat and backrest. 1"" Aluminum fram…
Commode Liners- 10 Pack Commode Liners- 10 Pack
Never clean a commode again. sanitary way to dispose of commode waste. Liner fits any standard sized commode pail. Contains a gelling agent, odor neutraliz…
Drop Arm Commode Drop Arm Commode
This drop arm commode or handicap commode easily accomodates transfers in restricted areas.  Easy-to-release drop-arm mechanism allows for safe latera…
Portable Bathtub Portable Bathtub
This Portable Bathtub allows you to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving your bed. patients can enjoy bathing the way it's meant to be - soaking wet…
Hair Wash Trays Hair Wash Trays
These Hair Wash Trays can be used with a chair or wheelchair. Make hair washing easy and are offered a great price. Our exceptionally easy-to-use EZ-SHAMP…
Hair Wash Sink-Portable Hair Wash Sink-Portable
Hair Wash Sink makes hair washing simple, fast and comfortable. The unique EZ-SHAMPOO inflatable basin fills the need for an easy, refreshing shampoo for p…
Emergency Connect Speakerphone Emergency Connect Speakerphone
The Emergency Connect Speakerphone replaces the Pendant Dialer Phone Emergency.  This new model has a large backlit display, a pendant that can be wor…
Pivot Transfer Disk for Handicapped-13 Pivot Transfer Disk for Handicapped-13
The pivot transfer disk is designed for assisted or unassisted transfers by individuals with limited or no ability to pivot.  Individuals with upper b…
Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board-30 Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board-30
The Bed To Wheelchair Transfer Board can also be used as a commode transfer board and for transfers to and from other surfaces. Measures 8"W x 30"…
Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety
A Wheelchair Sling Lift Safety that can make the transfer process easier and safer.  It's easy to carry along when traveling. It can also heip red…
Bed Trapeze With Pole Bed Trapeze With Pole
The Bed Trapese with Pole, or Super Pole with SuperTrapeze is a an offset trapeze handle that mounts to a SuperPole. Suitable for people who require modera…
SuperBar Pivot Transfer SuperBar Pivot Transfer
The SuperBar™ Pivot Transfer is a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that provides support for getting into bed, or transfer to a wheelchair, walker…
Bed Rail Pad- Full Rail Bed Rail Pad- Full Rail
Provides Protection against the bumps, bruises and skin tears that can occur when skin comes in contact with metal bed rails. The Pads arelatex-free, they …
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy
The Wrist blood pressure accuracy model offers professional accuracy at home, great for travel.  This compact unit provides quick and comfortable bloo…
Sliding Transfer Bath Bench Sliding Transfer Bath Bench
This sliding transfer bench features a sliding seat, facilitates transfers in and out of the bath area, minimizes physical strain on the user and caregiver…
Advantage Rail Advantage Rail
The Advantage Rail pivots to move with you in safe small steps providing moving support similar to a walker, yet it can lock in an instant in case of a los…
Shower Chair and Commode w/ Casters Shower Chair and Commode w/ Casters
This lightweight portable shower chair commode with casters by Drive Medical is packed with features to ensure a pleasant and comfortable bathing experienc…
Lift Walker Lift Walker
The lift walker provides convenient assisted independence when it's needed!  It is a standing aid for use by individuals who need assistance with …
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