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Bed Trapeze With Pole

Bed Trapeze With Pole

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Price : $304.95

Item # : HC-STP-S-Trapeze
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Product Information

The Bed Trapese with Pole, or Super Pole with SuperTrapeze is a an offset trapeze handle that mounts to a SuperPole. Suitable for people who require moderate assistance to achieve a sitting position in bed. 


SuperTrapeze includes a trapeze handle with a "ladder-like" set of two rails that allows the user to more easily climb up to a sitting position.

Ease Of Use

This combination of a trapeze + bedside pole - the only product to provide COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed.


It does not require special bed or mounting brackets.  It works with any bed! Does not force bed outward from wall as with conventional trapeze systems.   Unlike floor mounted trapeze systems, it will install beside waterbeds and electric beds.


Support arm is adjustable in height and angle. Strap is adjustable in length to for best height and location of trapeze.


Open design of the trapeze handle allows it to be hooked onto pole for storage.

Weight capacity - 300 lbs


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